Poetry Corner with Randi

The Torture


Wanting you,
But not having you.
Has got to be,
The worst.
I want you,
And only you.
I want all of you,
Your mind,
Your body,
Every thing about you.
I just want you.
But yet life,
Tortures me.
By showing you,
But just not letting,
Me have you.
The torture,
It's killing me.
Tell me,
Do you even want me?
Now that my mind wonders,
Another form of torture,
Begins to sworm.
All i want is you,
But do you want me?
The question stands.
As well as the torture.

Hey there everyone of the uWc network, let me start off by saying i am very and truly sorry for slacking here. Life in general has distracted me. Ya know the daily work schedule and then getting sick. But here i am, posting from the top of my head here at 11pm! Even when i know i have work in the a.m but i wanted to post something new for you all😊

But the story behind this? Really not too much. But more of like going in to a mind of a girl in serious want of a person. It could be another girl or even a guy. Whichever the preference.

Hopefully you all enjoy!

I’ll post again soon!



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