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The Wrestler

Breaking bones,

Shattering skulls.

Diving in,

Rolling through.

Hitting the turnbuckle,

Cracking your knuckles.

Rolling them up,

Getting submissive.

Trying not to tap,

As the hold,

Gets tighter.

Ropes far,

The grab further.

Using your strength,

As you reach out.

Touching the rope,

Rolling away.

Hopping to the corner,

Feeling the weakness.

As your back hits,

The turnbuckle.

Thinking to yourself,

I can’t lose,

And i won’t lose.

Flying high from the top,

Landing the frog splash.

Your opponent down,

You go for the pin.

Yet they kick out,

Your down and out.

They roll you over,

Into another submission.

Agonizing in pain,

You fight.

Feeling the pressure,

But you are the wrestler.

Not all will be wins,

Most will be losses.

Being a wrestler,

Is not easy.

Not by long shot,

But you’ve only got one.

One shot,

So take it.

Hey there guys and gals!!!! Sooooo remember from my very first post? My introductory post? I feel like i mentioned the poem i wrote dedicated to all the wrestlers…more like a few lol. But anywho!!! Here it is! The poem i wrote dedicated to all the wrestlers in the industry!

Most importantly i respect the bravery of the men and women who put there bodies on the line to entertaine us fans. Ya know?

The hits, the flips, bumps and high flying. All that, some times you can land the wrong way.

But hey, what is life without taking a risk or two?

Hopefully y’all like this here ☺

Thank you for reading!!

Until the next time!!


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