BLOG LOG, Poetry Corner with Randi


There’s not enough.

People think they are tough.

But there’s not enough.

Not enough light,

Not enough day.

We are running out.

What do we do?

Before it runs out.

There’s not enough,

People are leaving,

Not coming back.

Why do we lack?


We waste a penny,

And a dime.

But do we get it back?

The time?


There’s just not enough.

Time goes on,

Does it stop?

Not really.

We can try to make it.

Maybe even save it.

But we still,

Won’t have enough.

There really isn’t enough.

We need more time.

Time to get together.

Be all together.

As one.

In due time.

Hey y’all!! Now okay i try my best to have a bit of an explanation or more of a description behind my poetry. Sometimes i just write what comes to my head without meaning. Anywhoooo!! This poem here has a bit of a rhyme to it. Lol i don’t rhyme too much but yeah. Basically though things take time in the world in order to work. But unfortunately the world we live in today we just don’t have enough time for a lot of things. Things will happen, as so said in the end, in due time. So take your time and live ya feel me? Things might not always work but take some time, not all but some. We don’t wanna waste it right?

Hope yoy enjoy this here!!! More to come !! ❤❤📢


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