BLOG LOG, Weekly Milk Bone

Today doggy date

Today’s doggy date, I want you all to know that my love of animals started when I was young, my father and mother loved animals as much as me, more my dad who introduced me to the love afghan hounds, and our first exotic, a raccoon named Taffy. But it was when I lived in my first real home with my husband, it started my love of rescue.

We kept hearing soft crying and could not figure it out, til my good friend said she saw a baby kitten go under our house. We finally got it, got her in spayed and adopted out to the nice vet doctor, and so my story begins, that was over 25 years ago and I haven’t stopped yet.

I will start sharing my journey with you, and always close with a current adoptable, Keep all the animals in your prayers, and keep the wrestlers safe from any injuries. Two worlds coming together.

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