Top 10 Hit List

This is fair warning we are coming you don’t know when.

10)Kenny Brown

We don’t like your smile. You got too big of a pop for being a nobody. So u will feeling it so.

9)Dakota Orion

The fact that you look like you could be a threat for the Silver lining Title put you on the list.


He keeps showing up at different companies all over the east coast. The one problem in his 3 man crew.

7)Nick Marek

Nobody is that nice. Naw screw this guy. Plus he almost became NCW CHAMPION.

6)Sebastian Braun

This freaking powerhouse would be a great member of the uWc. But he has too much going on with his head. Gotta take him out.

5)Bobby Ocean

This guy could be on NXT because of what he can do. So we have to cripple him. He doesn’t get to farther than us.


We started something and we have to finish it. Hell we took out his partner Deacon.

3)The Rent Collection Agency

They made it to the list, only cause they have belts that should be ours.

2)Vinnie Moon

We ALL HATE THIS KID! He has Aces belt.

1)Da Latin Soldier

Not only does he have the NCW Title, but he turned his back on family. He will pay in every way possible.

It’s for the Greater Good.

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