Tyger Year 1


A new name and a new beginning. Tyger Smith debut’s in NMW student battle royal. This was a place for young faces to try to get seen. But a ghost from the past threatens any chance of that.

The unlikely team of Tyger smith and Groovy Gilmore take on Big Cat Lemer, in a handicap match.

Tyger would get a match with one half of the NMW Tag Team Champions Oman Tortuga.

Tyger Smith takes on Chameleon in a fast pace match. Someone is watching.

Tyger would make the choice, that would change everything. You can only be lied too so many times.

Enter RCW. Tyger would appear and make a statement that would send shock waves. After he would team with Austin Rhodes in a match for the RCW title.

Real life and wrestling would meet in a way that we should of seen coming. Skarecrow would not be out done by Tyger. Some he makes Tyger pay in the worse way.

Tyger not able to get a match with Skarecrow so he takes on his best friend Shatter Soul, in a hardcore match.

Tyger and Angel made friends with other young talent, Spazz and Fusion. They come out the ring with Tyger while he gets revenge on the man who cost him the RCW title.

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