Tyger Smith and Kazz(Chance Taylor) team up and hit the road. They take the name of the training school the Tygers Den. They would travel to Buffalo to Old School Pro Wrestling and face Danny Magick.

The Tygers Den team with Super Beast? To take on Danny Magick, Ryot and Dre Gibson.

4 way tag match. The Tygers Den vs. The Son’s of Thunder vs The Davidson Brothers vs. Black Jack Phoenix and Greg Karma.

Tyger Smith, Deacon and Trip vs Al Jihad, Ryot and Glen Dylan.

Tag team Battle Royal for a shot at the titles.

Danny Magick vs Tyger Smith. This has been building up.

Tyger, CJ Summers and Fred Curry Jr. vs Phoenix and Th Vashons. In Connecticut’s Revival Championship Wrestling.

Next Era had an underground show that put the Tygers Den vs Hell’s Rejects.

The Tygers Den vs TNE in the last match of the Next Era underground. This is the end of a chapter, but the beginning of something NEW.

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