uWc Year 1


Mr. Perez took Tyger Smith after his loss in Roc City too form The UnderWorld Cartel. They added Super Beast and they plan on taking over the young Next Era Wrestling.

Tyger Smith vs Bagley. New faces entering the wrestling world.

Evan McCloud hearing whispers of the small fed, wanted to see what was going on. He would end up facing off with his old trainer.

The uWc take on Johnny Swift and Guardian Angel.

The Czar has come to Next Era Wrestling.

Kazz (Chance Taylor) takes on Tyger Smith.

Tyger Smith vs Bagley 2

New Cartel member Robert Ezekyo and Tyger Smith team up against the debuting Emanon Boyz.

The uWc vs The Czar and Robert Palmer.

Next Era Wrestling goes underground. Tyger Leaves The uWc. All Tyger wants is a match with Super Beast. JC Money returns and joins the Cartel.

Tyger and Johnny Swift tag against JC Money and Super Beast at Roc City.

Tyger just wants a match with Super Beast. He instead gets a match with Ezekyo.

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