BLOG LOG, Weekly Milk Bone

Weekly Milk Bone

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and ready to take on a new week. The Silver lining for Pit bulls had a busy weekend, adoptions happened and events were done. As for me, I got two more lil fosters. Rhino and Bolt joined me in my house or as I say my dog’s house. I just sleep here :). These two little guys are the most stockist lil fellows I ever saw, and also smart as ever. Its always swells my heart when new ones arrive, it means not only are they safe the cycle is ended with them since the boys baby makers were taken care of. Ones these wee ones get adopted, we know that can’t get any female in trouble and that in rescuers life is a win-win. As I said, I hope you all enjoy reading a day in my life. I have enclosed a pic of the boys, they are currently up for adoption.

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