EZEKYO VS DANGER BOY VS TYGER SMITH Even after finally overcoming Super Beast Tyger Smith finds himself in the mid-card of OSPW.

DEACON VS DANNY MAGICK VS AL JIHAD VS GLEN DYLAN VS BLACK JACK PHOENIX VS TYGER SMITH. This is the first time Buffalo would ever see a shackles match. For some strange reason, we notice the favouritism for Buffalo wrestlers over wrestlers from Rochester. This is not something that would not be addressed before the night was done. And we see two people get back together, that we thought we would never see together again.

Even with the promise of War looming in the background Tyger has to act as business as usual. Robert Ezekyo has to face Tyger on many occasions and feels that he can beat him for the heavyweight title.

Blackjack Phoenix an OSPW wrestler who won the Ultimate Clash Match, gets a title shot against Tyger Smith. After what happened in Buffalo this is a major development and is going to increase tensions between Rochester and Buffalo.

CHAMPION VS CHAMPION This was bound to happen. Tyger representing NEW feeling disrespected buy OSPW and Buffalo gets a one-on-one match against Deacon. A non-title match in NEW. This is the first time the two had ever gone one on one. This is a very important match in this Western New York War.

OSPW feeling like they were taken advantage of by having their champion, face the NEW champion in a NEW ring sends an assassin, Kwan Chang. This is a little unexpected because of the timing of the match. Tyger is not sure what this is going to be like.

Showing OSPW that they are not scared and they have the ability to do the same thing, the new lead formed Team F-View takes on The Kadillacs. If they are able to beat The Kadillacs they will get a shot at the OSPW Tag Team titles. Funny side notes Tyger Smith and never got a straight tag title match while teaming with the other members of the Den. Could this possibly change his Outlook on how he conducts himself? Also how much can he Trust JC money? JC is the one person that has turned on Tyger the most in his entire career.

After defeating the Kadillacs. Team F-View get a title shot against Dangerous by Design. The one thing that Champs don’t realize is that Billy Foxx is the referee.

Team F-View return to Rochester double champions. Tyger finds a new opponent for his title waiting for him. How long will they both stay double champions?

The first show in a to show series called End of days is here. Tyger Smith is not scheduled to wrestle on the show. But that doesn’t stop Aaron Alexander from issuing a challenge.

End of Days part 2. Tyger Smith vs Deacon for the OSPW heavyweight title. It has come out the Tyger Smith started this war so he could get a singles match with Deacon for the OSPW title. It came out that he used NEW to get him closer to his final goal. What will happen after this revelation?

Things are beginning to crumble. JC money was banned from ospw. Tyger Smith and Billy Fox are left to defend the Tag Team titles against the gentlemen’s club High role in society.

After winning OSPWs most popular wrestler Tyger gives a hate-filled acceptance speech, attacking the fans. His mic is then cut, by Thunder the owner of OSPW and father of Deacon. Tyger is then proceeded to threaten his life for cutting his Mic. Security escorted Tyger out of the ring and out of the venue.

When it came time for the three-way dance, Blackjack Phoenix and deacon entered the ring. They announced Tyger Smith’s name. Nobody in the ring expected him to come back out. They were completely surprised when he did. Deacon was extremely angry that Tyger returns to the venue.

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