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White Elephant Gift Ideas

I would like to believe I am not the only one who has never participated in this comical Christmas time ritual. In fact, I only learned of its existence last year while binge watching The Office on Netflix (Check out a clip of the episode above). Coincidentally, I have been invited to a Yule Party where we will be engaging in said ritual. So, if you’re anything like me, perhaps you need some unique gift ideas. Well… look no further. Here are my top 10 White Elephant gift ideas.


#2 Yodelling Pickle Ornament

#3 Beer Preserver

#4 Pooping Dog 2022 Monthly Calendar

#5 Potty Piano

#6 Belly Button Lint Brush

#7 Beer Chiller Sticks|10055.g.153[src|[ch|[lt|

#8 Freezable Wine Bag

#9 “Crafting with Cat Hair” book

#10 Sleep Hood

Happy Shopping!

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