Poetry Corner with Randi

You’re Annoying

Your voice,
Your presence.
I hate you,
Yes you.
You're annoying,
The words,
That come out of,
Your mouth.
God doesn't like ugly,
But you?
Your actions,
Your words,
Everything you do.
Makes you ugly,
I hate you.
As well as other's,
Most likely do.
What about you?
Do you like you?
I would hope,
You do.
Gosh i hate you,
You're annoying,
Nobody likes you.

Hey there y’all ! everyone of the uWc Network. how is everyone doing?? hopefully well! me i’m okay i guess. just super freaking tired honestly but meh, life is just seriously kicking my ass. So i thought i would sit down after work and write something here. man you’re probably thinking who pissed you off? lol ooooohhhh yah know, people in general piss me off but there is one in particular.

If you know me personally and have spoken to me in the last few months and what not then you know EXACTLY who i hate with every bone in my body lol. so yeah. the title and the words definitely fit my feelings towards this person.

This person, has just seriously caused so much crap, so much drama it would make your head spin.

Well, hopefully you all will enjoy reading this one here, if not then i’m sorry i tried.

Until next time!


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